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Some interesting facts

Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:37 pm
by sabina
Did you know?
In outdoor field hockey there are eleven players on the field, 10 players plus a goalkeeper, much like soccer
In indoor field hockey there are 5 players on the field (court), 4 players plus a goal keeper
Players can be substituted as many times and at any time, including when the ball is in play
All field hockey sticks are right handed
Referee is called an Umpire – and there are usually two on the field/court
Players can use only the flat side of their stick – but can use most of the flat side, not just the hooked area, as long as the ball does not touch their hands
When you block somebody from getting to the ball, whether intentional or not, it is a foul – called OBSTRUCTION etc.
I think you will like these facts ;)